Women looking for a uniquely beautiful hairstyle are turning to Sisterlocks.  The locks are created using a trademarked locking technique: a precision parting grid and a special tool that place the hair into its locking formation.  Due to their thin size, they’re extremely versatile and can be styled almost as many ways as loose hair.

Though the installation process is long, the upkeep is minimal compared to loose natural or relaxed hair. All that’s needed is a retightening of the locs every 4-6 weeks, which you can learn to do on your own.  Since Sisterlocks is a trademark company, only stylists who have been trained by a certified associate of Sisterlocks can legally install them.

Your hair doesn’t need to be long for you to try Sisterlocks; you only need at least two inches of hair to get started.

SISTERLOCKS PACKAGE: Authorized Consultants offer Sisterlocks® as a package of 3 visits including a Consultation, the Locking Session and a Follow-up Retightening Visit.

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