reese_about_me_500-2Reese C. has always had a love for servicing others with their hair.  In the past she has worn braids, weaves, perms, etc.  After years of damage and short term styles, she became frustrated with temporary fixes and being unhappy with the appearance of her hair.

In 2003, she decided to embrace her natural textured hair.  She chose to grow out her perm and start her research on natural hair, specifically locking techniques.  She then discovered the interlocking technique for small locs known as Sisterlocks™.

Reese C. began her Sisterlocks™ journey in January of 2004.  Six months later she completed the retightening class to maintain her own locs.  She experienced so much freedom with her natural hair.  With freedom, came the versatility of styling and growing healthy long hair.  In 2010, she completed the inclusive Sisterlocks™ Consultant training and began her passion to enlighten others on the beauty of our hair and how great this locking technique truly is.  She became certified in 2012.

She is also a licensed Braiding Stylist.  In addition, she has a R-Certification which enables her to teach retightening classes to women / men interested in maintaining their own Sisterlocks™/Brotherlocks™.


Contact Info:

Email: thelocdlife@gmail.com

Phone: 214.690.2775

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